I hereby agree and acknowledge that I have read and understand the contents of the Cleaner’s Handbook and fully understand how the agency operates and what my role as a cleaner finding work through The Home Maid is. I fully understand The Home Maid’s rules on Health & Safety and I will make every effort to work to the safe methods mentioned.


I agree never to take anybody with me to any Client(s) of The Home Maid. I also agree to be fair to the Clients that are provided for me and work the full time that I am being paid for.


I am aware that I must keep The Home Maid informed of any illness, holiday, or anything else that may cause me to not be able to attend a Client on their usual cleaning day in good time to allow the agency time to find a replacement. Also I am aware that I must notify the Client of any problem at the earliest convenient time.


I am aware that failure to communicate effectively with my Client(s) and The Home Maid may result in the loss of my present or future Clients. I will also keep The Home Maid informed of any extra hours that the Client requests me to work and also if they alter my day.


I will not enter into an agreement or arrangement to provide cleaning services with any Client introduced to me by The Home Maid either during the period of this Agreement or within 12 months of termination of the Agreement. I understand that to enter into such an arrangement or agreement whilst this Agreement is still in existence will lead to the termination of this Agreement with immediate effect and all contact with Clients introduced by The Home Maid will cease.


I am fully aware of the confidentiality expected of me towards all Clients of The Home Maid.


I agree to make sure that I leave my Clients’ property locked and secured on leaving, and also to make sure that any key, or security code that I am given is not labelled in such away that it could be traced back to their property in the event of it being lost.


I understand that I must give the agency a minimum of two weeks’ notice if I decide to leave The Home Maid, and also to return any keys that I have in my possession that belongs to any Client(s) of The Home Maid immediately by personal hand delivery.


I am aware that I am self-employed and as such will be responsible for any national insurance or tax that may be liable, if applicable.


The Home Maid reserves the right to amend this contract by giving not less than 4 weeks notice of any changes.

Cleaner Agreement