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After party cleans

After a wild night of celebration, the aftermath clean up can be seem quite daunting. Last night’s vibrant atmosphere has given way to chaos and disorder with empty bottles, discarded cups, spills and food scraps litter the floor, while sticky spills and stains mark your surfaces.

However, the task of after party cleaning may not be as terrifying as it first seems.

First, it is important to tackle the process with a systematic approach. Start by gathering all the trash, putting it into black bags and disposing of it properly in your outside bins. Empty bottles and cans can be recycled, while food waste should be discarded in the appropriate manner. This first step is important to clear the space for you and provide a good basis for the rest of the cleaning process.

Second, focus on your surfaces. Wipe down all countertops, tables, and other areas using surface appropriate cleaning solution (we recommend micro fibre cloths to avoid scratches). Deal with spills and stains promptly to prevent them from setting and becoming harder to remove. Pay special attention to high-traffic areas and places where spills are more likely to occur.

Your next job is to tackle the floors. Depending on the type of flooring, vacuuming, sweeping, and / or mopping will be necessary. Remove any debris and thoroughly clean any sticky or soiled areas. This will help to restore the freshness and overall appearance of your living space.

Last but not least, don't forget your bathrooms. Clean and disinfect all surfaces, including the sink, toilet, and mirrors. Restock any necessary supplies such as toilet paper and hand soap.

Don’t forget to enlist the help of friends and family (or the kids!) to help - put on some music to keep you going as you transform last night’s party place back into your cosy home.

Soon you'll be relaxing on your sofa like the nothing ever happened!

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