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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a new cleaner for your home is probably going involve a few questions (especially if you've not had a cleaner previously). We have tried to cover the most common questions below covering our company, our cleaners, and the service we offer.

If you have any questions that are not covered here please feel free to call or email anytime. 

What is the cost of cleaning?

Our rate for weekly house cleaning is £16 per hour. Our fortnightly rate is different and depends on the number of hours - please contact us to enquire.  

Do I get the same cleaner each time?

Yes. It is the same cleaner who will come to your home each visit.

What if I don’t want the cleaner you send me?

It is important that both client and cleaner are happy with each other. If you are not happy with the cleaner we offer, please let us know and we will be happy to allocate your job to a more suitable cleaner. 


How soon can you get me a cleaner?

We can usually get new clients started within a few days to a week however it may take longer depending on specific requirements, location etc. We will give you an idea at the outset of how long we think it will take.  


Do you also do ironing?

Yes. We provide ironing at your home which can be done alongside your cleaning or as a stand alone service.


How do you vet your cleaners?

We take a minimum of two written, checkable references, ID and proof of home address. On average we accept 1 cleaner from over 20 applicants. 


Do you offer replacement cleaners if my cleaner is off work (eg holiday, sickness).

If you would like cover when your regular cleaner is off work, just let us know. We ask that you give us 3 days notice to organise a replacement cleaner although we can often provide cover at shorter notice. If we are unable to offer a replacement cleaner when requested, we will be happy to refund your agency fee for any missed cleans.

Do I have to be home during my cleaning appointment?

Only if you want to be. Many clients give their cleaner a key or make other arrangements for entry to the property. We recommend meeting your cleaner on their first visit to show them around your home and to satisfy yourself that you are happy to accept the cleaner we have offered. 


Can I give my cleaner a set of keys?

Yes, of course. Many of our clients give their cleaner a key so they can get into the property to clean while they are not at home.  If you would prefer not to give your cleaner a key, that is fine too. 


If you have a question not covered here or would just like more information, please use our contact form below. 

Thank you very much for your enquiry. We will get back to you shortly.

Can I trust my cleaner?

Your cleaner has gone through an extensive application process including an in-depth interview, providing written references as well as proof of ID and home address. On top of that, our Clients have the final say on any cleaner they take on from our agency and you should ensure you are fully satisfied before allowing any cleaner into your home. You are very welcome to speak with us before deciding to take any cleaner on to discuss the cleaner's recent feedback etc and we will also be happy to send copies of the cleaner's references to you. 

How do I know my cleaner will be good?

During our application process, we are looking particularly for candidates who have house cleaning experience and who can prove to be reliable and we check this through the cleaner's work background and references and also from our own experience of dealing with them during the recruitment process which typically takes 2-3 weeks. In the rare occasion where a cleaner does not have specific house cleaning experience they will have experience in a closely related field (eg commercial cleaning, home care) or excelled in some other way.  Clients have the final decision on any cleaner they accept from our agency and are very welcome to call us to ask any questions about the cleaner. We will also be happy to send copies of the cleaners references to you.  

What if I am unhappy with my cleaner?

While thankfully rare, from time to time a client may not be entirely happy with their  cleaner. Whether it is a cleaning issue, or something else, just let us know so that we can help put things right. 

What if my cleaner doesn't show up?

Cleaner let downs are very rare. If your cleaner doesn't show up, please let us know right away so that we rectify the situation. 

What happens if I want to cancel my cleaning one week?

Last minute cancellations and reschedules impact the cleaners schedule and earnings so if you do need to cancel or reschedule your appointment (these situations pop up for all of us at one time or another), please  try to give your cleaner a minimum of 48 hours notice. If you cannot let your cleaner know 48 hours in advance we would ask that you pay the cleaner for their time. 

What can I expect my cleaner to do?

Clients usually like their house to be cleaned in a particular way and it is up to you how you would like your cleaner to spend the time in your home. Consider your priorities and any particular areas you want the cleaner to focus on. Also consider anything you don't want to have cleaned. The cleaner can stick to the same routine each week or you can vary the tasks to fit your requirements. 

Typical chores include :

  • Dusting and polishing

  • Vacuumiung, sweeping and mopping floors

  • Cleaning of kitchen surfaces, worktops, doors, fridges, hobs, inside cupboards and general oven and hob cleaning

  • Cleaning bathrooms

  • Washing paintwork, doors, skirting boards and inside of windows 

  • Emptying bins, making and changing beds, laundry 

  • Ironing 


Can I vary what my cleaner does each week?

Yes of course. Some cients have their cleaner stick to a set routine and some vary what has to be done each week. It is entirely down to you what your cleaner does each week. 


What can my cleaner not do?

For Health & Safety as well as insurance purposes, our cleaners cannot do the following:

  • Cleaning of exterior windows

  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning over and above routine cleaning

  • Animal waste removal

  • Gardening & garden shed cleaning

  • Patio cleaning

  • Mould removal

  • Industrial or Commercial cleaning

  • Lifting of heavy furniture

  • Cleaning where a ladder has to be used

Please note this list is not exhaustive. If there is anything in particular you would like your cleaner to do, please let us know. 

How long will it take to clean my house?

This depends on the size of your home and also how much cleaning is required. As a rule of thumb, an average sized 1 bed flat/house will typically take 2 hours to clean. Add 30 minutes per bedroom/bathroom (a bedroom doesn't necessarily take 30 minutes to clean but with more bedrooms there is more floor space, extra bathrooms etc.). Please note this is a general guide and the duration depends largely on usage, if there are pets, children, if all rooms are being used etc. Your hours can be changed up or down so if you need to increase or decrease the duration of your cleaning, simply let us know. 

Is there a minimum number of hours?

We have a minimum  of 2 hour visits (weekly or fortnightly). The main reason for this is to be fair to our cleaners who have to travel to jobs in their own time so we feel asking them to travel to a job for less than 2 hours is not fair to them.

Is there a minimum agency fee?

We have a minimum agency fee based on a 2 hours weekly service 

Does my cleaner bring their own supplies?

Our cleaners use your cleaning products, which means your preferred products and smells in the house and also helps us to keep costs down. We recommend:

  • Kitchen roll, jay and microfibre cloths

  • Mop

  • Specific cleaning products eg. kitchen cleaner and bathroom cleaner, not multi purpose

  • Window & glass cleaner

  • Toilet disinfectant

  • Oven cleaner

  • Limescale remover

  • Please note our insurance will not cover damage caused by bleach or abrasive cloths.

Can I tip my cleaner?

Some Clients tip their cleaner and some don't. It is entirely up to you. 

Can I view your Te                   nditions?

Of course. Our Te                   nditions can be viewed here

 rms and Co

rms and Co

What times can the cleaner come?

We have cleaners available 7 days per week, days and evenings. Weekdays (and particularly the end of the week) tend to be most popular and so we ask for flexibility when it to comes to allocating your job however we will always aim to provide a cleaner at the day and time to suit you.


Are your cleaners insured?

Our cleaners are insured through our public liability insurance. Although rare, we understand that accidents can happen. If a cleaner has accidentally broken an object or another similar situation has occurred, then it’s best to follow these steps:

  • Speak with your cleaner: speak to your cleaner to find out what has happened and try to resolve the matter directly with them. Indeed, as all our cleaners are self-employed they may have their own insurance.

  • Home Insurance: If you are unable to resolve the matter directly with your cleaner, then contact your home insurance provider and you will likely be able to claim on the home insurance policy.

  • Home Maid insurance: If the first two methods above are not successful then please contact us. We have public liability insurance which covers certain accidental damage. However, the first two methods above must first be exhausted before a claim can be made on this policy. We will assist in processing your claim but please note we cannot guarantee any claim will be successful as it is ultimately determined by the insurance company. Please note our policy has a £100 excess which is payable by the client. For further details, please see our terms and conditions.

Do you provide a one off house cleaning services such as end of tenancy or deep cleaning?

We can provide an initial deep clean and can also provide a deep clean periodically as part of your ongoing regular service. There is no extra charge for this - it is charged at the same rate as our regular house cleaning service. Our company focus is on serving regular domestic clients so we do not usually offer stand alone one off cleans however from time to time, and when availability allows, we can offer this service - please contact us for price and availability.  

Do you clean in my area?

We cover the entire Edinburgh area.

How do I get started?

You can get in touch by calling 0131 235 2311 or 07305 870892, by emailing or via our Contact page (if you call and there is no answer please leave a message and we will get back to you typically within an hour). We will then discuss your requirements and answer any initial questions you may have. If you would then like to proceed, we will then email our client pack to you and can usually have things up and running within 1 week. 

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